Sunday, January 13, 2019

Reminiscences of My Life and Others by Rashmi Singh

Fifth January 2019 will be very close to my heart as my eighth book and third form Pigeon Books India, was released in New Delhi World Book Fair 2019. This is a book on Parenting and Heartburns... Yes true- heartburns...

Parenting is not an easy job and I have narrated stories of my life and few others to explain, how parenting should be!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

And So Can You-Dr. Roopleen...Book Review by Rashmi Singh (Author)

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A book on life of Doctors which leads you to a whirlwind of happenings and events is here! Successes, Cheers, Heartburns, Joys, Heartbreaks, Self Satisfaction and many more humanly emotions are deftly etched and brought to you from the life of Doctors. 

Doctors are also human beings though WE pressurize them to take the position of GOD! They are not allowed to take any kind of refuge under the garb of mistakes! How can they make mistakes? It is said, ‘We all learn from our mistakes’ But this is not for the Doctors! This pressure sometimes is heart rending and soul breaking! Mistakes can ruin lives! Indeed this profession needs a big salute from me.
 Doctor Roopleen has very well portrayed the lives, achievements and  tough journey of 17 very successful doctors.

Doctor Dhanaashree Ratra's story is very motivational, Her determination to become a Doctor making her battle all untoward incidents of her life, will definitely lead children to dream to  become  doctors and fulfill the same. Circumstances can't curtail your ambition which you have cherished in your heart since long- this is the underlying current flowing all through the book. Problems do come in everyone's life and sometimes pose a big hurdle but if you are determined to follow your dreams and achieve it- nothing can deter you. Dr, Roopleen is successful in bringing this motivational aspect to her readers. 

The cover of the book is too very catchy, The Red Colour adds brightness and aura of hope, signifying that Sun does shine in the lives of those who are determined, The Stethoscope on the book is intriguing and as seen from an author's eyes, suggests about the lives of patients and the doctors simultaneously at the same level. If the patient is having tough time battling his disease, so is the doctor under pressure- physical and emotional to overpower the disease and fight a battle with God to save his patient!

Kudos to this beautiful Author/Doctor for this wonderful book on the lives of Doctors.

A MUST READ. Go ahead and book your copy today! 

Rashmi Singh
Author, Writer, Columnist. 


Saturday, December 30, 2017

बढ़ता रह , चलता रह, बहता रह ....रश्मि सिंह लेखिका

बढ़ता रह , चलता रह, बहता रह 

मुठ्ठी जो फैलायी मैंने , उसने पूछा चाहिए क्या ?
थोड़ी सी ज़मीँ , थोड़ा आसमां
ख्वाहिश तो यही है पर ...
सपनों का क्या करूँ जो
पलकों पर बसते हैं ?
दे सको तो थोड़े थोड़े सपने भी पूरा कर दो -
वो मुस्कुराया और पूछा -
थोड़े सितारे भी भेज दूँ ?
मैं हैरान - या खुदा कैसे तू ने जान ली
 मेरी दिल की बात ?
वो फिर हँसा - बाज़ीगर तो हूँ मैं -
सपनें दिखाता हूँ
सपनें ही बाटता हूँ -चाहे जितनी लो
क्यूँ हाथ फैलाए भिखारी बना खड़ा है?
पहचान अपनी शक्तियों को
बलवान है तू तन से
मन से अपंग क्यूँ है ?

Related image
मैं तो एक भरोसा हूँ
सत्य तो खुद तू है
सत्य को पहचान , पग संभाल
बढ़ता रह , चलता रह, बहता रह
हिम्मत कर - पुकारेंगी मंज़िलें खुद तुझे
 राहें खुद बनेंगी
सत्य को पहचान , पग संभाल
बढ़ता रह , चलता रह, बहता रह! Copyright रश्मि सिंह लेखिका

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Night's Darkness by Rashmi Singh

The clock is ticking past...breath running short...
The world revels at my happiness
The gloominess  obscured...
Yes I am now desperate
Desperate for the friendship which rises above bodily lust...
O my friend, my heart yearns to think
Only few days are mine...
Few minutes...
Few seconds...
Yes, the clock is ticking past...breath running short
Let me tie the strewn twigs...
Let me sow a withered seed...
Who knows what secrets
Life's leaves will unfurl...
Who can gauge the night's darkness?
Can you kiss that 'one tear of hopelessness-
Trickling down my cheeks...?
Can you just sit beside me holding my hands
Looking at my lost face...
Sharing my bosom's pain?
Can you? Please can you?
You do not love my soul...
You love the glittering body...
No one ever offered me a 'ring'
Though tried to 'ring' my body million times...
Now I am leaving this body...
But no one will
Lift it in their arms...
Wanted by many, it will now-
Rot in the dust...
Let me look at the stars-
Yes they will receive me...
Their child is tired...
In their piety, they will 'ring'  my piety.....Rashmi

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Draupadi! द्रौपदी

एक औरत की कहानी

ठगी गयी 'वो' हर पग- हर ठौर पर-
मां-बाप ने कहा,'फूलों से भी सुन्दर है तू-
पाक-पवित्र मूरत है तू-
'अपने तुझे सहेजेंगे-चाँद, तारों से सजाएँगे!'

'अपनों' ने कहा 'तू बेहया औरत, बदनाम है-
क्या फर्क पड़ता, जो एक दाग और हो जाये?'
'चुंबन दे दे एक, पति भी तो तेरा यही करता है-
फिर हम तो अपने ठहरे, तेरे जेठ, तेरे नंदोई-
घर की बात घर में रह जायेगी!'
ना मानी 'वो'
द्रौपदी बन पति को ललकारा-
शिथिल चुप-चाप देखता रहा वो
भाई, बहन को ना कह सका वो कुछ-

सास के पास औरत गिड़गिडाई-
ससुर चिल्लाया, 'चुप, बेहया, व्यर्थ बदनाम करती है मेरे लड़कों को!'
'वो' चुप रही, सहती रही..
सास कुटिल मुस्कुराह्ट बिखरेती रही-.

आज 'वो'औरत खुद एक सास है!!!
""मारना तमाचा झन्‍न्टेदार, सहना नहीं
अगर कोई तुझे छुये-बातों से या नज़रों से भी-
हर घर में एक नहीं-कई कई रावण छिपा बैठा है
डरना नहीं, तू इज़्ज़त है हमारी-बेटी है तू
मैंने जो भोगा-वो तू क्‍यूं भोगे?" #RashmiSingh

 कभी द्रौपदी बनी, कभी सीता
कभी राधा, कभी मीरा...
कभी कोठों पर बिकी
कभी घरों में...

नज़रें खाती रहीं हमें
नीयतें तोड़तीं रहीं
बिकती रही हम हर चौराहे पर...
बिक गई ह्मारी सब कुछ
पर ममता ना बिकी!

जवानी क्या आई तुम्हें ऐ मर्द
हर औरत चीज़ हो गयी?
भूल गये तुम अपने माओ के सीने को
चिपक के जिससे तुम हर दर्द भूल जाते थे!

कसम उस ममता की
दे दो इज़्ज़त अपनी औरतों को
तुम्हारी भी कोई बहन होगी- कोई बेटी
नहीं तो, कहीं कोई एक मां तो ज़रूर ही होगी......#RashmiSingh

Sunday, May 11, 2014

हाँ तुम बेटी हो मेरी - मैं तुम्हारी माँ... रश्मि सिंह


हाँ तुम बेटी हो मेरी - मैं तुम्हारी माँ...

तुमसे ही मिली है मुझे-
सहनशक्ति हज़ारों की...
तुमने दिया शक्ति-
लड़ने तुफानो से..
पहाड़ो को चीर-
अग्नि, जल निकालने की...

तुमने दिया वक़्त को -
मुट्ठी में करने की शक्ति...
हर सितम, जुल्म को-
सितारों में बदलने की शक्ति...

तुम साथ नहीं हो आज मेरे-
तुम्हे याद करती, लड़ती हूँ मैं तुमसे...
कुछ स्म्भहलने तो देती मुझे-
फिर जाती...

तुम कहती हो आकर धीरे से मुझे-
मेरी परछाई हो तुम-
तुम वो हो जो
रुख बदल देती हो-
हर हवा की..
हाँ तुम बेटी हो मेरी - मैं तुम्हारी माँ...

#RashmiSingh #Mothersday, #Mailoveu #Ma #poetry

Saturday, May 10, 2014

तट की पाषाण पर- पिटता हुआ लहर हूँ मैं...रश्मि सिंह

झूठा ही सही पर तुम्हारा ही हूँ

लिखना है पर स्याही नहीं मिलती-
जाना है पर राहें नहीं मिलती...

बहारें भी जा लौट आती हैं-
लहरें भी देखो पलटती हैं...

तुम आ जाओ फिर से-
पत्थर पारस बना जाओ...

झूठा ही सही      

पर इस जन्म क़ी बात नहीं है यह-
हर जन्म में तुम्हारा ही हूँ...

तट की पाषाण पर-
पिटता हुआ लहर हूँ मैं...

तुम गयी तो लौट कर आती नहीं...
मैं बार बार- हर बार-
लौट ही आता हूँ...      

कही तुम आई होगी-
भ्रमजाल में फस तड़पता-
बार बार- हर बार-
लौट ही आता हूँ मैं ...

तृष्णा कहो -वितृष्णा कहो-
सच की आग में जलता हुआ तिनका कहो...

तट की पाषाण पर-
बस पिटता हुआ एक लहर ही हूँ मैं.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

तुम आसमां बन गयी - रश्मि सिंह

1. तुम आसमां बन गयी

 इन गेसूयों में कोई एक सफ़ेद रंग भी है
जो आज भी मुझे बहुत पसंद है...
तुम कहती थी न याद है तुम्हे...?
इक दिन-
ये रंग लकीरें खींच जायेगा...

लकीरें खींची तो है...
मगर वो तकदीरों की हैं....
तुम आसमां बन गयी-
मैं धूल रह गया....

2.मैं खड़ा रह गया... मैं ठगा रह गया...

वो नज़र वहा से गुज़र गयी... मैं खड़ा रह गया - ठगा रह गया...
सोचा पुकारेगी मुझे कोई लहर...लेकिन सारी लहरें ही गुज़र गयी... मैं खड़ा रह गया... मैं ठगा रह गया...

एक बिजली सी गिरी.. मंज़र ही सारा राख हो गया.... मैं खड़ा रह गया... ठगा ही रह गया...

हर झूठ को सच मान- हर झूठ का इंतज़ार किया... लेकिन हर बार की तरह... मैं छला ही गया...
मैं खड़ा रहगया... मैं ठगा ही गया... बस ठगा ही गया.... 

 3.उलझना न आप उलझनोँ में
 ज़नाब उलझना न आप उलझनोँ में-
न ही किसी लेखिका के अंदाज़े हुस्न में!

क़लम की धार उनकी-
कत्लेआम सरेआम कर जाते हैं.... #RashmiSingh

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Treacherous Night

He did break... trying to make...
The path was thorny- the lights had dwindled...
He looked above at the heavens concealed...
Gloomy tar spattered the sky...
His limbs were gagged- he wailed in pain... 
His agony scarred the treacherous night...

Bleeding feet he knocked the gate-
'Come my son,' the father said. 
'You walked the distance, your demons made.
you fell from sky and got misled...
The soothing arms were always yours...
Come my son-I am always yours...'  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I will come to you my friend-do not cry...

Yesterday a mail terrified me (meant for my friend) but I somehow regained my scattered courage. But it will take some more time for me to be normal again. We take life for granted. It is there or it is not there. But when best of the doctors too fail to diagnose something and tell someone that his/her life can be of twenty years more or just of twenty minutes... Have you ever thought how the person would feel then? Here is a crushed feeling put into some jumbled words of incomplete sentences...

When I leave you my friend- do not cry.
Water my plants- let them grow...

When I sleep forever my friend-do not cry.
Nurture my stories- give them shade...

When I slip silently to oblivion my friend- do not cry.
Clean my palette- dabble the colors...

I will come to you my friend...
I am the shiny crystals of rains 
drizzling in your garden my friend
Do not cry... 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Oceans of Loneliness, I, 2- Now on Amazon! Part 3 coming Soon..

Hello friends!

Thank you for your immense support for making my feelings a 'Best Seller' !!!

This SHORT STORY 'OCEANS OF LONELINESS: THE DELUGE: A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SAGA' is dedicated to those who are being continuously cheated on the paths of life-their plain, beautiful souls though tattered look forward to a beautiful life beckoning-tempting them once again to give it a second, maybe third or fourth chance! Do you agree? Should they?

This is a heart moving short story of a woman who though beaten on the path of life, never gives up.. She goes on with the flow of time and finally makes time bow to her!

This is Priya's story- her dreams, her love, her realities and the extreme tortures she faces in life...


Oceans of Loneliness, Part 1 and Part 2 can be read as an ebook on Amazon. Links are:




The unforgettable Sin: Pulkasein II and his lost love

“Behave my lord!”

“Why are you asking me to behave Arundhati, didn’t you sleep with me?” He asked defiantly.

“His Majesty, your horse, take your horse and fly. Chariot can be dangerous. Soldiers- start! After His Highness! Give him cover! His Highness, do not delay, every second is precious!

“Pulkasein is not a coward!” The Black Emperor roared and with a jerk pushed Arundhati on the dance floor! Arundhati fell like a dry leaf on the painted floor. “I will fight till my last breath,” he shouted back.

Veervishnu could not do anything but to agree. The entire hall had become a fighting ground. There was dust, smoke with vision getting blurred as the candles and torches were being put off by the wind and people.

The magnificent walls of the Ajanta caves were groaning at time’s sluttish play. Arundhati was still sitting dumfounded on the floor with many people treading over her. Her satin smooth silken body was rummaged in dust. Suddenly, she felt a pair of strong arms lifting her up and placing her over a big build horse. “And did you really think, I would leave you?” an unmistakable male voice questioned her.

“But why are you saving me?” she whispered back lamely, her limbs were bleeding by then…

“Because, I love you! My love is for always Sangini. This is not only for this birth. You may take your revenge now- kill me-kill me Arundhati because my Sangini could never kill me,” he said jumping on the horse beside her and fleeing. The situation was out of control and he did not want to be held a captive.

“I know you cannot. We will live or die together….” He breathed at her neck and the horse galloped...galloped away taking the lovers and hiding them in the darkness of the night.

“And the queen?” she questioned seeking refuge in her lover’s arms.

“She was never mine. She has her State.” And the horse raced into oblivion leaving behind dead, groaning, ailing, fighting, hurt, crying men and women……


Thursday, September 5, 2013

BREATHTAKING EXTRACT - The Untold Story of Arundhati and The Black Emperor-The Sluttish Time

........forgot all about her dreams and ethics and went on being kissed by a man who was not only married but who had come to trap her for his master. Her innocent love was asking for more, longing for more as Surya drowned in a sea of passion and lust, lifted her up and placed her softly on the velvety raised wooden platform, meant for seating purposes of the guests. The evening was getting darker and it was the time for Arundhati’s Guru to arrive but both were absorbed in each other’s arms, oblivious of all happenings. They were frantically exploring each other’s body and all boundaries broke when Surya in a stroke removed the silken perfumed cloth of the girl’s bosom. “Aaaah”, crying Arundhati came forward to meet her experienced lover’s violently searching hands-her hair damp with sweat and an unknown fervor of unmatched passion. She seemed like that wave of ocean trying to reach its shore-its destination! She was that ship which in a dark night covered by passionate clouds was trying to find its anchor… trying to find its harbor-Surya… who could never be her!

Arundhati’s Guru did come but by then it was too late. He could not save his most beautiful but defiant student from the fangs of cruel and unpredictable fate. Arundhati had already sailed on a path sealed with destruction, devastation and doom…
“My son is thirteen and we are having a happy life…” the woman clad in a hand woven elegant silk saree spoke elegantly. She was dusky, of medium height and full body.

“Why have you come here? I am not able to understand what you are saying either. Speak directly”, the addressed girl with a scintillating personality bedecked in silver and gold jewels asked haughtily. She was getting ready for her lover and her evening dance.

“I have come to know about your relationship with Suryakant, the most trusted noble of our king”, the woman speaking to the dancer continued with grace.

The dancer looked with a jerk at the woman speaking and then at the charioteer who had brought her there. The chariot had a flag with an emblem of the Chalukyan king’s army.

“May I know, why do you ask such a personal question? And even if I am in a relationship with him, why are you bothered? But if you want to know, I must tell you that very soon we are going to get married”, the girl looked defiantly at the woman standing in front of her, measuring only up to her waist. Defiance had been the master stroke of Arundhati’s personality.

“But he will never marry you”, the dusky woman again spoke determinedly.
“Will you please excuse me? I do....


Friday, August 30, 2013

What do you know about me?

Hey All

Hope you all are doing very well in your lives. I am also doing quite well with my books appealing the public, appeasing and quenching  their thirst of Reading books of Indian authors who write in English.

On 28th of this month I visited the Delhi Book Fair and was at the Pigeon Books Stalls at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi for about two and a half hours. My new book The Untold Story of Arundhati and The Black Emperor ( to see its official introduction in the Market. My publisher Mr Kaushal Goyal, though in bed ( he has met with a road accident) had arranged everything beautifully. Posters were made for the book and people were there to see that I was comfortable.

My daughter Ayushree was my official photographer and must say she did an excellent job by catching moments of my discussion with the intelligent and keen crowd which had thronged!

The best moment of my life there, you can say, which was precious than all the money I have earned till now was when one very simple and sweet looking nurse Jessie, originally belonging to Kerala but working in one of the hospitals in Delhi came to me and told that she had come to the Book Fair especially to meet me!

 Her friends had asked her to buy and read books like one of my earlier fictions 'The Fallen Love '
Critics are you listening? Those who had just reviewed The Fallen Love as an old story put in a new bottle.

Yes, fiction is a dramatization of incidents and events- that is why it is called fiction! What the critics failed to see- back there in Kerala, the devoted nurse community could clearly see..

The critics failed to see what the nurses could see. The nurse community identified themselves with few chapters of this book.

 After she had  gone, I realized, I had very naturally and deftly etched out the lives of nurses, their hard work, their tough lives, their personal losses and their connectivity with their patients! The pain of Sister Sophie and her fifteen years' old daughter who died on the road in front of the heartless public as she met with an accident when chased by a group of hooligans was not felt by these critics who thought my book was just an over exaggeration of sex and some happening in our society! Why if someone has the courage to define everything in an open way- why do you resist ? Why do you want to hide away from some real but crude truths of life? I feel the pain of all and depict it in an open manner... and I DO NOT CARE :)

But thanks Harshita Sonia  Dr Tanvee and Dr Ashok Ghosh Sir for praising me and realizing that the story is very true to life!

Oh now must talk about another great fan of mine who hailed from U.P. but is settled in Delhi- Mrs Indu Mishra. A true fan in all sense! Bubbly, beautiful and chirpy!

 She had already bought Love's Journey  from Pustak Mahal Stalls and was standing at the Pigeon Books',  asking for all my books! It was real delight to see such ferocious readers of my books so close to me!

I have more to write but have my class right now- Will meet soon!

See you

Monday, May 6, 2013

Waiting for you Ma....

Why is it always have to be  'Ma'?

In my deep slumber, I hallucinated. Dark wings of gloominess had overpowered me as I lay almost unconscious. I could not open my my eyes though I badly wanted to share the humdrum of life.... The medicines were also having a negative effect and I gradually traveled into another world... I wanted to get up and perform my duties but I was unable to do so.. voices of people reverberated in my unconscious mind as I was trying to spring back to life.

Night sank over me and I ventured into a world which wasn't mine... I was traveling in a train and as the train reached its destination, I saw myself  scuffling with my numerous big handbags... all my handbags were there-- purple one, leather one, cloth one and so on, I was fighting with my bags to find a way for myself, when my phone buzzed. My Ma was on the other side. She scolded me for being so lousy and not able to get down at  the platform on time.  " The train will move and you will go ahead. Don't you know that it stops for only few minutes here? I got angry and replied," But I have so many bags with me, don't know from where they have come?"   Just then the train moved. I somehow managed to throw my bags on the platform and jumped out. Once on the platform, my eyes searched my mother but I could not find her. I got irritated. I called her on the number from which her call had come.
"Where are you? I was irritated.

 "I am on the other side of the platform", she replied. 

I got more irritated. "Okay, you reach home, I am coming by a cab", I replied agitated. 

But just then my eyes opened. I was in my bed languishing in high fever groping for medicines and water in the dark... 

I realised.. My Ma has left this world years ago and the bags were my responsibilities which I have to shoulder... I  will have to  perform my duties and wait for another train which will lead to my Ma....

I realised... when you are in pain..  except your Ma, no one  comes to you... I realised, I am desperately waiting for the train which is going to take me to my Ma... Yes, I am waiting to meet her... and will surely meet her...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Burnt Braids...

Hey All

Let me share my experience with you, which had once devastated my life.. 

Which had once devastated my crowning glory...

Ohhhhh! I was  only fifteen  and studying in a convent

I had to adhere to their strict rules of personal hygiene. My long, golden brown, extremely shiny hair was every day lavishly oiled by my mother and further tied into two neat braids by  my very sweet elder sisters, who kept a close watch on my bags, school rules and general ethics. I hated all this like any other teenager, I always wanted to shampoo and flaunt my lustrous hair... :)

But now I am really grateful to my late mother for seeing personally that my hair was oiled and tied into two neat long beautiful braids, with blue ribbons adorning them. As after decades my hair is still shiny and feels good to touch!

Though at that time, how I had hated all this... ughhhh!!! Oiled braids..Uffff!!

Oh! Oh! I have deviated from the topic.. Yessss I did love my hair and the beautiful braids which my sisters used to make them for me but only in my shampooed hair.   

Yes, what I missed at that time was 

DOVE Split End Rescue Shampoo:


 Dove Split Ends Rescue System

As whenever I had split ends in my lovely braids, I had to cut them short, because Dove had not arrived on the scene :((

Ohhhh! again deviated.

 Okay! Once in my tenth class, when I was a dreamy fifteen, I got the ends of my lovely braids burnt. I was doing a salt test in Chemistry Laboratory and forgot that my beautiful braids were caressed by the blue flames of the Bunsen Burner! 

The caressing was so severe that if one of my friends had not seen the deadly devouring scene, I was a naked skull, that's it! Two of them immediately rushed and literally mashed my braids in their palms. My hair was saved but only half... It took one year from my hair's life:((

But now Dove is there, I trust Dove for all hair problems of my daughter who is seventeen and for myself too:))

I am a successful author and know what is best for my child! 

Whether I make lovely braids or keep my hair open, I have no tension as DOVE IS THERE!

Thank You Dove

Rashmi :)




Saturday, January 12, 2013

"And She Is Good Looking Too...". by Rashmi Singh

"And She Is Good Looking Too...".

A woman is a woman!Yes and I am also one. First comes her appearance then her work :)

She might be very successful but when appreciated for her looks, she loves the most and the same happened with me. 

Today as I was talking to one of the Editors of an online magazine, she told me that Readers often call her up and comment about me   that 'your Columnist writes very well... And she is very good looking too'. Then further she confessed that they are at an advantage as my looks brighten up their page! I did not know how to react on this but one thing was sure that this talk instantly rejuvenated me! From the morning I was down with work pressure. Writing has taken a backseat and I am up to my throat drowned in question papers, answer sheets, sample papers, red pens, roll numbers, Test Series date sheets yellings, shoutings,  cribbings, and  to top it, the routine household work with so many other regular problems. My mind had become numb but what a welcome break this talk was! Thanks Susmita. Luv u :) Thanks for reminding me that I am a normal woman who wants to be appreciated!!!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Beading Lights Rashmi

Seeking drops of nectar..
the twinkling bubbles crave..
Quenching parched desires..
the beading lights yearn... 

Oh! If only the pearls had known
their worth and found the will..
No more they would have striven 
to find the light they own...


Sunday, November 11, 2012

You Illumined my sighs..

'I was lost..
Lost in a world of web of dreams..

But you brightened my life..
I was nothing...
You illumined my sighs....'

'I was lost..
Lost in the venom laced web of sweet words..
But you kindled my thoughts...
I was just dust..
You made an idol of it....'

Thursday, July 5, 2012


"Look Rohan, Radhika is not your look out- o.k. - she is my look out-my kept-my… do you get it? And everyone knows this blatant fact, so I think you let me manage this front. If she is not well, and doesn’t want to travel in that car, she can tell me. Isn’t it? When she can sleep with me, she can even say this to me. She has to tell me-not you- understand. You do what I say-there is so no need to prove yourself a benevolent man…,” 

"I am not proving to be benevolent- I am only being humane- she is not well and the driver is new, I think you know this,” Rohan hissed, interrupting and finally standing openly against the person he was talking to- openly answering back to the man who had given him shelter when he had no one to turn to, but probably it was the new born lover in him which was making him do so.

Raj Kumar was stunned with Rohan’s open revolt. He now had no qualms about his plans which he had made for the new unusual lovers.

Randi,” now you will seriously have to bear my anger. See what I do- just wait and see,” he once again swore under his breath but being practical and pretending to be absolutely normal, he told Rohan in a very sweet voice,” Please Rohan, you know, your presence in my car is very essential. The other party might get offended. You know how it is here-chamchagiri- We have to do it Rohan. Alright I’ll make Santosh jee to sit in the car with her ok- Now cheer up. We are going on a very important mission.” He said cajoling Rohan. In any case he did not want his plan to be messed up.

The Fallen Love  PAGE:81

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sluttish Time : How Many Men Do You Need?

"What a slut time is. She screws everybody.”
― John Green


Dear Time


I am really sad that people are adorning you with such ornaments! Really tragic!

But as I introspect myself and go deep into the phases of my life I stand by Shakespeare.. 

Three thousand years ago Arundhati too  thought that she can play with hearts. She thought her beauty as her most valuable tool in seeking the love and partnership of that man who she admired. But she forgot one thing that in all this she was snatching an already married man. She forgot that her love was tainted with lust and not sacrifice...

You know time..Yes I know, you know.. Pratima, wife of Surya cried and begged Arundhati to leave her husband. She showed her, their six years old son but Arundhati was blinded with Time's flowers showered on her  by Surya. Arundhati's parents were great poet and asked their daughter to stay away from a Sin like life but she was soaked in pride of her beauty.... Only if she had known then that she'll have to pay for this sin of hers. in all her births... If only she had known then that she would pine for true love but it will always deceive her..If only she had known then, her Karma would cling to her soul like a leech in all her births....

There was a continuous raging war of the Chalukya dynasty to establish their supremacy. When Pulkasein II had defeated Harshvardhana, near Narmada river, there was almost a yearlong celebration in Vatapi, later known as Badami, capital of the hero Pulkaein II, and Arundhati, the most enchanting virgin dancer of the period, danced her heart out amongst her chosen Admirers. As I told you Time, Arundhati’s parents were great poets of the period and had always objected to her dancing this way. But she was defiant- her beauty was defiant!

The story of her beauty had reached Pulakasein II, too and he  requested one of his trusted noble Surya Kant to stage her dance show in the courtyard of the Chalukya Palace fort....She had attracted the interest and attention of the all the heroes and noblest of the nobles!

Pulkasein was married to the ‘Ganga’ King Durvinita’s daughter Shailvinita, known for her immense beauty and profound knowledge of religious scriptures, principles, techniques of war, Laws of Manu or Manava Dharama Shastra and the most poisonous weapons made for the kings, extremely beautiful women dancers! 

In this period women dancers were used as tools to subjugate and captivate mightiest of the mighty rulers and prince. It was believed ‘they’ were trained to trap the nobles and kings and bite them with their teeth or nails, laced with venom. Shailvinita, hence feared beautiful ladies, who were always trying to force themselves on her handsome husband.................................

Pulkasein’s physique, charm royal blood and stories of his conquests were enough to make any beautiful girl go weak in her knees! And this made Shailvinita also to be on her toes to guard her husband from all various types of onslaughts. But history had something else stored for Shailvinita and Arundhati…..  Arundhati did dance for Pulakasein but that was her last dance… 


Every evening ,when the sun went down in the huge ocean and its golden rays frisked on the dancing waves, Arundhati danced for her lover. The entire Chalukya Dynasty knew of her dancing talent and she was every bachelor's dream! But this beauty craved only for Surya. Her passion saw her uncontrolled lover wild with want and she fell in his arms as a leaf of an intoxicated Jasmine with heaving breasts and hot breath fanning his body. She was the most beautiful and skilled dancer of the Era.


Pratima dejected with life,  and her husband Surya, left for the jungle along with her son...She became a 'Sanyasin' Arundhati oblivious of all this went on dancing and spending passionate nights with her lover but a day came when her lover lost all his wealth and Arundhati was eventually disillusioned! She retrieved her senses and remembered Pratima's 'shrap' that she will never get 'True Love' in all her births....

Time dear, the story has not come to an end. Vatapi was seeing its doom. Narasimhavarman also known as Mamallan (great wrestler) and a great warrior after whom Mammallapuram, (Mahabalipuram) was named, had avenged his father’s defeat at the hands of the Chalukya king, PulkaseinII and had captured Vatapi. And who was responsible for this? Arundhati? Or someone else?


 विद्वत्त्वं नृपत्वं नैव तुल्यं कदाचन
स्वदेशे पूज्यते राजा विद्वान् सर्वत्र पूज्यते” ॥ she went on reeling in her glory. “You know this sloka Baba? She queried smiling. “You only have taught me”. She said fixing her heavy silver anklets.

“Yes I know, I only have taught you this but I did not know you would interpret these lines in a deformed and distorted form. Her father’s anger was by now rising. “I did not know that your skill would make you so proud that you would close your eyes to the practical realities of this Universe. This Universe is not only yours Arunnshri. You are crossing your boundaries…..

“No Baba, I am not crossing any boundary. I only want to beg you that let me dance on every stream of life. Let me swim with fishes…flutter with the butterflies… skim the waves. Let me live Baba…. Let me live!” she exclaimed getting up from the bed moving towards the window overlooking the majestic sunset scene.

In Vatapi, Pulkasein raised a victory column claiming his victory against the Pallavas. Sivagami refused to dance in front of the Persian emissaries in Pulakesein's court.  But Pulakasein’s cruelty saw the extreme when he devised a devious way of making her dance by beating the captured Pallava citizens and stopping only when Sivagami danced. This continued every day. In fact, the more tortured Sivagami was- the more pleasure he drew and took out his frustration of not able to bed Arundhati by then.


But you know you really played havoc with Arundhati. ...

She cried, begged and lamented but you very cruelly left her lamenting- you showed your sluttish nature to her... She is still crying but you just laugh at her.... Here is peep to her story..

“She looks like a victim of war… and unmarried….and also a Kannada” the young Sanyasi spoke looking at the old priest. The young Sanyasi had very cleverly taken off her dress, heavy anklets and other jewelry from her body. He had clad her in the saree discarded by some woman near the river. Very deftly, he had also buried the woman’s possessions near a Peepal tree of the place. He did not want the priest to speculate on her profession. The kind of jewelry and dress he had taken off from the woman’s body at that time were only worn by professional dancers and he was not sure if the old priest would welcome and take in refuge an ailing dancer. All dancers at that time were suddenly being hated after the Ajanta Episode…. 


It's getting really late. I'll come back to you to remind you what you did with her...YES. YOU DID REALLY SCREW HER UP AND HER LIFE. Till then..bye. Go and show your true colors to someone else!

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