Monday, August 16, 2010

Disillusioned Ruthlessly.....

This post is dedicated to those who are being continuously cheated on the paths of life-their plain,beautiful souls though tattered look forward to a beautiful life beckoning-tempting them once again to give it a second,maybe third or fourth chance! Do you agree?Should they?

Disillusioned Ruthlessly
Tattered Thoughts
Dripping Dreams
Beckoning Life.........

Disillusioned  Ruthlessly
Battered Body 
Stitching Senses 

Beckoning Life.......

Disillusioned Ruthlessly
Wasted Vision
Fastening Faith
Beckoning Life...............


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


August 10,2010
Scribbled Feelings

 Whenever I read a line written by P.B.Shelly "I walk upon the thorns of life I bleed",I connect it to myself,thinking when I would be able to segregate myself from the thorns and sleep on a bed which may be not of flowers but least made of coir.......

I have tried badly, to  take out the thorns and throw them away from my life forever but somehow they seem to sprout on my life and body again ,piercing and cutting it to pieces, giving lacerating pain which knows no bound-a pain which can only be felt by a person who suffers it.........

I know,there is a story in everyone's life but leading a  blind life,doomed in catacombs,with not even a ray of hope makes my heart numb because I can see the thorns spreading its fangs towards my daughter......... 

My very small daughter who loves me and can not see tears in  my eyes,is now battling the fangs and fighting the venomous spikes of these for my and her survival.........

God give her courage and strength to overcome the vicious ways of life and be a winner as Shelly has again quoted,"If winter comes can spring be far behind!". 

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