Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An Unsaid Promise

She looked deeply at the wooden figure
leaning almost dead on the armchair
with stony eyes and cold expressions....
no more there was the quilt of false confidence
under which she hid her childlike desires
and made the world to want her more.....

Ashamed as she claimed
to be 'ma's' best friend
she shivered at her own ingratitude and negligence
despising and hating the "Satans"
who stung her 'ma' not once but many a times....

Years passed yet she didn't come to see her
but now she was next to her......
"Amma",she whispered softly into her ears
"talk to me,I'l not fight, you see"
"never again-never again,just talk to me"...
tears welling out of her eyes unrestrained...

She saw the net of deep wrinkles
as cobwebs in the mounds of palatial ruins
marring her beautiful face the ancient way....
Each line reciting the story
of her selfless love,compromises and sacrifices...

Her face still bearing
the same essence of innocence...
which once hovered,lingered and enveloped
her beautiful soul..yes her beauty indeed.....
A tear trickled perching as a pearl
on her mother's cheeks.....

"Don't worry ma...don't worry!"
"This little birdie will quietly
snatch the straws from the nests of those
who wove an emotional trap-
to snatch the shiny,glossy feathers
leaving you to languish...."she breathed,
clutching tightly the old feeble hands

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