Thursday, June 17, 2010

Abondoning Liberty

This post is dedicated to those million women whose talent,personality and
individuality die an unknown and silent death.Tied in family ropes of duties
and social norms,fear of maligning family name,their dreams,hopes, aspirations-
everything is covered under a thick quilt of false "family pride" from where they 
are never able to come out-their crying soul is doomed forever............
 Feet Abraded 
Mind Swirling
Abandoning liberty.......

Heart Corroded
Soul Bleeding
Abandoning Liberty......

Eyes Misted
Thoughts Weeping
Abandoning Liberty ......

Vision Trampled
Dreams Crumbling
Abandoning Liberty....... 


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things Change

Below is not a poem but only a piece of "feeling"by me 
coming straight from my heart....

Things Change...Yes things do change......
But life moves has to move....
We just sit and watch helpless...
All efforts ushered ,yet useless...
Things change...
People change....We all are helpless..
Helpless....tied and caught in a web....
Being helpless...Yet life moves on..
it has to move....
Puppets we are..nothing else...
dancing to tunes of life...
being helpless....
Things change...people change

Here is the lyrics of " Things Change"by Tim McGraw
They wouldn't let him play the opry
With whiskey on his breath
And it didn't take'em long
To figure out what they missed
He went down that lost highway
Underneath the purple sky
A legend disappeared before his time
Things Change

Now some say it's too country
Some say it's a little rock n roll
But it's just good music you can feel it in your soul
It doesn't really matter
It's always been the same
Life goes on
Things Change

Don't you know they change
Oh, things change
As long as this world is turning
Things are gonna change
Gonna keep on changing

Gonna change


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Teacher

This is brief feeling to what an actual teacher ought to be.AND WHAT HE/SHE
These days this prestigious profession has been commercialized.
Here I have tried to show "the unique rapport" which should be
there between a student and his mentor.

Respect and Reverence
Looking up in awe
She smiled at him

Affection and adoration
looking back at her
He laughed at her

Vibration tingled
Their language mingled
She held his hand
Forwarding Faith to Farthest

Confidence and Conviction
They walked together slowly
Paving paths of prosperity.....

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