Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Burnt Braids...

Hey All

Let me share my experience with you, which had once devastated my life.. 

Which had once devastated my crowning glory...

Ohhhhh! I was  only fifteen  and studying in a convent

I had to adhere to their strict rules of personal hygiene. My long, golden brown, extremely shiny hair was every day lavishly oiled by my mother and further tied into two neat braids by  my very sweet elder sisters, who kept a close watch on my bags, school rules and general ethics. I hated all this like any other teenager, I always wanted to shampoo and flaunt my lustrous hair... :)

But now I am really grateful to my late mother for seeing personally that my hair was oiled and tied into two neat long beautiful braids, with blue ribbons adorning them. As after decades my hair is still shiny and feels good to touch!

Though at that time, how I had hated all this... ughhhh!!! Oiled braids..Uffff!!

Oh! Oh! I have deviated from the topic.. Yessss I did love my hair and the beautiful braids which my sisters used to make them for me but only in my shampooed hair.   

Yes, what I missed at that time was 

DOVE Split End Rescue Shampoo:


 Dove Split Ends Rescue System

As whenever I had split ends in my lovely braids, I had to cut them short, because Dove had not arrived on the scene :((

Ohhhh! again deviated.

 Okay! Once in my tenth class, when I was a dreamy fifteen, I got the ends of my lovely braids burnt. I was doing a salt test in Chemistry Laboratory and forgot that my beautiful braids were caressed by the blue flames of the Bunsen Burner! 

The caressing was so severe that if one of my friends had not seen the deadly devouring scene, I was a naked skull, that's it! Two of them immediately rushed and literally mashed my braids in their palms. My hair was saved but only half... It took one year from my hair's life:((

But now Dove is there, I trust Dove for all hair problems of my daughter who is seventeen and for myself too:))

I am a successful author and know what is best for my child! 

Whether I make lovely braids or keep my hair open, I have no tension as DOVE IS THERE!

Thank You Dove

Rashmi :)





Hair Transplant UK Clinic said...

Wow :-) really very interesting post :-)

Rashmi Singh said...

Thank you :)

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