Monday, September 9, 2013

The unforgettable Sin: Pulkasein II and his lost love

“Behave my lord!”

“Why are you asking me to behave Arundhati, didn’t you sleep with me?” He asked defiantly.

“His Majesty, your horse, take your horse and fly. Chariot can be dangerous. Soldiers- start! After His Highness! Give him cover! His Highness, do not delay, every second is precious!

“Pulkasein is not a coward!” The Black Emperor roared and with a jerk pushed Arundhati on the dance floor! Arundhati fell like a dry leaf on the painted floor. “I will fight till my last breath,” he shouted back.

Veervishnu could not do anything but to agree. The entire hall had become a fighting ground. There was dust, smoke with vision getting blurred as the candles and torches were being put off by the wind and people.

The magnificent walls of the Ajanta caves were groaning at time’s sluttish play. Arundhati was still sitting dumfounded on the floor with many people treading over her. Her satin smooth silken body was rummaged in dust. Suddenly, she felt a pair of strong arms lifting her up and placing her over a big build horse. “And did you really think, I would leave you?” an unmistakable male voice questioned her.

“But why are you saving me?” she whispered back lamely, her limbs were bleeding by then…

“Because, I love you! My love is for always Sangini. This is not only for this birth. You may take your revenge now- kill me-kill me Arundhati because my Sangini could never kill me,” he said jumping on the horse beside her and fleeing. The situation was out of control and he did not want to be held a captive.

“I know you cannot. We will live or die together….” He breathed at her neck and the horse galloped...galloped away taking the lovers and hiding them in the darkness of the night.

“And the queen?” she questioned seeking refuge in her lover’s arms.

“She was never mine. She has her State.” And the horse raced into oblivion leaving behind dead, groaning, ailing, fighting, hurt, crying men and women……


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