Thursday, September 10, 2009

How A Nazi Was Made

This piece of thought is dedicated to 'Those Millions'
who are not aware of their worth and feel themselves
somehow as 'Losers' or caught in a wrong stream of life.
An effort has been made here to alleviate 'Them' from
'Their ' distress and elevate to a pedestal of
self-esteem instilling faith and confidence.However
here I have only tried to bring out the outstanding qualities
of the people mentioned in the poem.I do not ask the readers
to associate themselves in anyway with their negative
aspects or qualities.

How A Nazi Was Made

Saw them idling on the streets
with banners and placards
carelessly slung-hung on their backs and hands
Cigarettes crushed between their lips
'inhaling' and 'exhaling' their "ATTITUDE"

Then there are 'a few' with tousled hair and yellow eyes
blaming "destiny",cribbing at their" misfortune"
oblivious of diamonds sparkling ahead
walking over them nonchalantly
thinking as coal dust

Sitting in coffee-houses,enveloping
themselves in clouds of nicotine
surrounded with empty cups and glasses
spitting at the 'system' of their lives
Are 'some others' fighting for the 'said survival'

Exhibiting oratory skills at places with no takers
Has no one told them about
Fall of 'Caesar' or revenge of 'Mark Antony?'
If not how 'a Gandhi' or 'a 'Bhagat Singh' was made?
I pity at their wits shaded with 'known ignorance'

Complaining being caught in a web
accidentally , with 'known Unawareness'
Has no one told them about' Abhimanyu's Chakravyuh',
'Prithviraj Chauhan' for instance
Or Rani's of Chitor and Jhansi?

Maybe identifying themselves with these
can damage their 'Said Attitude'
Corrupt 'their' ways bringing 'virus'
to their systems where they only identify
themselves with electronic waves and computer files

But in all eras there has to be a ,'Linoln'
'Bell' and a 'Newton' or a 'Laika'
who being a dog
scaled the heights in Sputnik 2
and perished saving humanity

Gibbering about "Recession" the intellectual way
Have 'They' really delved the deeps of it?
Talking about depressing ways of life
Has anyone ever dived the Economic Depression of '32
to bring pearls from it?

Yes-One did dive-One who still is an enigma
One whose 'fall' is discussed more than his 'rise'
One from whose charisma
'They' want to shy away
only to languish in 'their' self made spaces...

Running away from the stark naked truth
Have 'they' thought of those pearls......
On the mounds of 'RECESSION'
'HOW A NAZI WAS MADE'...............


suman said...

"what a thought" but very hard english applyed please please think about us whoes are not qualified as you,but interested to read such type of para written by a tallented this time i miss our house because dictonery is there.


Act of writing is a catharsis for me-feel myself liberated that's why I write and can only express myself in the language i feel comfortable but i feel honoured that i have readers from all walks of the society.

shilpa said...

its the thought and charisma of this beautiful being that she is making pple to zoom on the positivity of life through her blog and how to overcome the hurdles of life..

its because of her shadow and guidance that i shilpa gulihar is able to relate the beautiful aspects of this world with my life


I must first of all thank u for showing immense faith in me.stay the way u r nd spread ur positivity

Tshering said...

Very well written

shreya said...

u've figured out each aspect of our society so sensibly...that i have no words left to comment here....really i applaud u for ur work...

VIVEK said...

if a person refuses to accept anything but the best he always gets it.i do't know how nazi and other personalities referred to were made or what they contributed but i do know one fact that the present author is a enriched personality capable and competent of making history of her own.


thanx tshering,shreya.shreya u really hv commented nicely nd vivek,i really appreciate,the amt of faith u hv in me.u r true histories r made-lets c if i hv that much patience,expressions words n eloquence.

Ayushree Nandan said...

This makes me feel to go,open my history book and study.!![Kidding :P]
But its a really good thought!!

Anonymous said...

I think everybody knows about it....
everybody knows the harmful effects of drugs n all n that it ain't just ATITTUDE they r showing ,the r also risking there lives
but what i dont know n uderstand is even after knowing all this why do people do this ???????

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