Sunday, November 8, 2009

That Little Girl

Nothing is impossible in this world-what actually needed is will power.Here is a small girl, wanting to see,if she can melt the ice of Antartica with a matchstick and get a drop of water.It may seem impossible to many but in her dictionary there is no such word as "impossible" This act of hers maybe aesthetically wrong but portrays the effort of a small child to overcome 'the impossible'

That Little Girl

That little girl stood
amidst the magnificent Cordilleran Folds-
wearing ubiquitous silence and ice jackets
wrapped in awe and wonder.

Her baffled liquid gray eyes
wide open in amazement
trying to secure the 'unbelievable'
in her delicate,soft arms.

With clenched teeth and agitated hands
searching frantically the matchbox
hidden somewhere amongst her quilted dress
she looked up to her mentor.

Her father smiled at her
He could see the passion-
the root of a budding talent
trying to find its niche

With numb palms and confident heart
she brought the weak flame
braving the screeching,biting wind
near the white wondrous magnificence

"YES-I did it!"she exclaimed
disbelief and joy flooding her exterior
as there on her index finger
illumined a small drop of water
sparkling synonymous to her confidence........



Tapas said...

I loved it! It made me a stop and think.

princess said...

nice and inspiring

Anonymous said...

gr8 nw i m that little girl

rashmi singh said...

tapas,princess and my anonymous little girl..i'm really very happy that u liked my creation . miss anonymous nd princess u ppl r the real future-so get going...

Nish said...

BEautiful Rashmi...Deep thought i must say...

Anonymous said...

didn't understand the DEEP thought
hope u explain in the next class

rashmi singh said...

definitely aishwarya i'l explain u in d class-take care!however the "deep thought" is visualization of the scene nd deriving inspiration from it!!!!

Haddock said...

Like the painting here.

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