Thursday, September 5, 2013

BREATHTAKING EXTRACT - The Untold Story of Arundhati and The Black Emperor-The Sluttish Time

........forgot all about her dreams and ethics and went on being kissed by a man who was not only married but who had come to trap her for his master. Her innocent love was asking for more, longing for more as Surya drowned in a sea of passion and lust, lifted her up and placed her softly on the velvety raised wooden platform, meant for seating purposes of the guests. The evening was getting darker and it was the time for Arundhati’s Guru to arrive but both were absorbed in each other’s arms, oblivious of all happenings. They were frantically exploring each other’s body and all boundaries broke when Surya in a stroke removed the silken perfumed cloth of the girl’s bosom. “Aaaah”, crying Arundhati came forward to meet her experienced lover’s violently searching hands-her hair damp with sweat and an unknown fervor of unmatched passion. She seemed like that wave of ocean trying to reach its shore-its destination! She was that ship which in a dark night covered by passionate clouds was trying to find its anchor… trying to find its harbor-Surya… who could never be her!

Arundhati’s Guru did come but by then it was too late. He could not save his most beautiful but defiant student from the fangs of cruel and unpredictable fate. Arundhati had already sailed on a path sealed with destruction, devastation and doom…
“My son is thirteen and we are having a happy life…” the woman clad in a hand woven elegant silk saree spoke elegantly. She was dusky, of medium height and full body.

“Why have you come here? I am not able to understand what you are saying either. Speak directly”, the addressed girl with a scintillating personality bedecked in silver and gold jewels asked haughtily. She was getting ready for her lover and her evening dance.

“I have come to know about your relationship with Suryakant, the most trusted noble of our king”, the woman speaking to the dancer continued with grace.

The dancer looked with a jerk at the woman speaking and then at the charioteer who had brought her there. The chariot had a flag with an emblem of the Chalukyan king’s army.

“May I know, why do you ask such a personal question? And even if I am in a relationship with him, why are you bothered? But if you want to know, I must tell you that very soon we are going to get married”, the girl looked defiantly at the woman standing in front of her, measuring only up to her waist. Defiance had been the master stroke of Arundhati’s personality.

“But he will never marry you”, the dusky woman again spoke determinedly.
“Will you please excuse me? I do....


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