Monday, July 4, 2011


The shooting began next day with Jennifer and Jay involved in their respective roles. Time and again, Jay was continuously leering at Jennie with eagle eyes. His plans weren’t working
and he was not successful in deviating Jennie emotionally, even after repeated efforts – trying all unfair means . . . He had applied all the techniques to trap her once again. He insinuated, mouthed filthy words, unnecessarily prolonged the kissing scenes, biting into her lips, which undoubtedly he relished. Jennifer was tolerating all this for Shambhu’s sake – she, in any circumstance, didn’t want to prove that his choice of heroine was wrong. On the other hand, Shambhu, though knew Jay very well, would often shout at her, “Chemistry, Jennie chemistry, how is the film going to be a success if there is no chemistry between you two”, “Pant, go sexy, make your voice husky and go wild all over his body to seduce him-remember this is just an act and the story requires that you use your luscious body to get out the secret of the mission he is pursuing.”For Shambhu, his film, his baby was more important than any other relationship, hence he was termed as the Icon. Not that he loved Jennifer  less but definitely he loved his creation more . . .

 For Jennie previously there were only bed scenes as she could carry them out impeccably. Bed scenes or scenes of the same frequency with Jay now went beyond her mental comprehension. She too was confused. Isn’t that once she had loved him very much, so now why isn’t she able to surface those feelings for the sake of putting a good act . . . why? . . . why isn’t she successful? ‘God give me strength and courage to brave this lecher,’ she thought trying to please her Director Shambhu who never mixed his personal relationship with Business, but in Aryan’s case, only in Aryan’s case Jennie had noticed that his self-made rules were relaxed. This kind of relaxation wasn’t even offered to her, therefore on the sets he was always chiding her for imperfect love scenes!@Love's Journey

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