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'He has so many girls around him but I did profess my love for him. Had he heard? I think he had not heard… Raj Kumar had barged in and I think he had not heard….and what if he had even heard. I have only few days to my credit and I can’t let this man –yes this man whom I have loved from ages to languish- to be framed and sent to jail for the murder of a man who was actually a Satan. I promise I’ll turn the tables in the court and the verdict given will be a historical one’, she promised to herself with her heart almost in her mouth. ‘But what will happen when he comes to know my reality? My crude reality! Will he not hate me? Will he still love me? Will he not take me as a cheat? But whatever be I can’t let this man whom I have loved and wanted so badly to

174 Rashmi Singh 

grieve and pine’. Her trailing feelings were curtailed by the Officer on duty.

“Rohan Sir! Your time is over. You have to leave now.” “His time is not over, his time has begun officer,” Madhuri intervened with a definite voice making quite clear the pain soaked lady was in no way spineless. Her guts for a second even shook the confidence of the big bruiser looking officer! The deadly looking ruthless Guard wanted to shout at her but restrained himself as he knew that all the luxuries in which they bathe are actually managed by these Businessmen and he knew this too very well that Rohan after Raj Kumar now is their new Messiah! He almost hissed an abusive but checked grinding his teeth and spitting aside. Rohan wanted to punch him straight in his face but did not want to aggravate the situation and bring more miseries to the already depleted life of the poor girl. The story of Rohan Dixit’s illicit affair with his Gardener’s granddaughter had already set the town ablaze and though all wanted to gulp the girl in one go, none wanted to earn the wrath of the heir of an Empire which shone like a brilliant diamond in the gallery of glitters.

“Yes I am moving but listen officer, I do not have to tell you this that she should not be put into any kind of trouble. I hope you understand,” Rohan intimidated the stern serpent guarding the palace of darkness and misdeeds. Cigarette though banned officially was offered to him by the Lecher. “Oh Sir! Be assured. Nothing will happen to Ma’am. We are all here.” His facial muscle twitching as though trying to control him from hogging the trapped girl’s youthful body in the net of time, lying in front of him as a heap of cursed wealth. He knew if he touched it-he was as good as dead! By now more or less everyone dwelling in the ‘Power Circle’ knew about Rohan- his follies, attraction, wealth, power and the

The Fallen Love 175

most talked about MURDER! Almost all were convinced that it was Rohan and not Madhuri who was the killer and all thought this too that Madhuri was making a fool of herself by camouflaging the truth. But all wanted to stay away from this love episode drenched in blood of Raj Kumar Dixit as they feared that if they put their hands on Rohan’s property, their lives could be doomed forever!

“Madhuri I am going but will come back soon…and I promise within a week you’ll be home. I can’t show my face to Mali Kaka…,” Rohan turned to the uncertain flickering love of his life. “And if you need anything please let me know. This man-this here-Mr Karekar-just tell him. I have told him, he’ll visit you regularly….I am sorry….I am really sorry…,” he felt a constriction in his throat. He wanted to say ‘I love you Madhuri…I can’t stay without you…’ but his feelings were all messed and entangled. He was entrapped in a mesh of unknown wants and love. The love which he had always wanted but which always very skillfully deceived him…..

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