Thursday, July 5, 2012


"Look Rohan, Radhika is not your look out- o.k. - she is my look out-my kept-my… do you get it? And everyone knows this blatant fact, so I think you let me manage this front. If she is not well, and doesn’t want to travel in that car, she can tell me. Isn’t it? When she can sleep with me, she can even say this to me. She has to tell me-not you- understand. You do what I say-there is so no need to prove yourself a benevolent man…,” 

"I am not proving to be benevolent- I am only being humane- she is not well and the driver is new, I think you know this,” Rohan hissed, interrupting and finally standing openly against the person he was talking to- openly answering back to the man who had given him shelter when he had no one to turn to, but probably it was the new born lover in him which was making him do so.

Raj Kumar was stunned with Rohan’s open revolt. He now had no qualms about his plans which he had made for the new unusual lovers.

Randi,” now you will seriously have to bear my anger. See what I do- just wait and see,” he once again swore under his breath but being practical and pretending to be absolutely normal, he told Rohan in a very sweet voice,” Please Rohan, you know, your presence in my car is very essential. The other party might get offended. You know how it is here-chamchagiri- We have to do it Rohan. Alright I’ll make Santosh jee to sit in the car with her ok- Now cheer up. We are going on a very important mission.” He said cajoling Rohan. In any case he did not want his plan to be messed up.

The Fallen Love  PAGE:81

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