Monday, May 6, 2013

Waiting for you Ma....

Why is it always have to be  'Ma'?

In my deep slumber, I hallucinated. Dark wings of gloominess had overpowered me as I lay almost unconscious. I could not open my my eyes though I badly wanted to share the humdrum of life.... The medicines were also having a negative effect and I gradually traveled into another world... I wanted to get up and perform my duties but I was unable to do so.. voices of people reverberated in my unconscious mind as I was trying to spring back to life.

Night sank over me and I ventured into a world which wasn't mine... I was traveling in a train and as the train reached its destination, I saw myself  scuffling with my numerous big handbags... all my handbags were there-- purple one, leather one, cloth one and so on, I was fighting with my bags to find a way for myself, when my phone buzzed. My Ma was on the other side. She scolded me for being so lousy and not able to get down at  the platform on time.  " The train will move and you will go ahead. Don't you know that it stops for only few minutes here? I got angry and replied," But I have so many bags with me, don't know from where they have come?"   Just then the train moved. I somehow managed to throw my bags on the platform and jumped out. Once on the platform, my eyes searched my mother but I could not find her. I got irritated. I called her on the number from which her call had come.
"Where are you? I was irritated.

 "I am on the other side of the platform", she replied. 

I got more irritated. "Okay, you reach home, I am coming by a cab", I replied agitated. 

But just then my eyes opened. I was in my bed languishing in high fever groping for medicines and water in the dark... 

I realised.. My Ma has left this world years ago and the bags were my responsibilities which I have to shoulder... I  will have to  perform my duties and wait for another train which will lead to my Ma....

I realised... when you are in pain..  except your Ma, no one  comes to you... I realised, I am desperately waiting for the train which is going to take me to my Ma... Yes, I am waiting to meet her... and will surely meet her...

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