Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Blossom's Story

A blossom blooms
Burgeoning untold truth
Yet unrevealed 
To The Revelers

Every petal unraveling
Discreetly a story untold
Questioning its destiny
To The Revelers

Clad in  a velvety wrap
Intoxicating its beholder
Fearing its" inevitable doom", unknown
To The Revelers

Enemies unknown
Gnawing its heart surreptitiously
Yet fighting fate to be a bliss
To The Revelers........................


mini said...

Beautiful as always.. Keep writing

mini said...

Beautiful expression rashmi. keep writing...

umashankar said...

Vary touching, indeed. It sounds so Hardyesque, however.

Zave said...

Words woven very well.
Keep writing!

shivani said...

your new one reminded me of rang lati hai heena pathar pe pis jaane ke baad.Everything is transitory but the images in thoughts do remain.Come to think of it like this...these in nature live beautifully and live well as compared to us humans...that's why i'd rather live for 3 days like a butterfly and live beautifully...

rashmi singh said...

mini for ever encouraging me.

Umashankar, tho i did not think of "Hardy" while writing this...but the comparison makes me elated and somehow i feel happy however....

Zave for always praising my write-ups

Shivani-I know "A THING OF BEAUTY IS JOY FOREVER" but it may be your feelings-my feelings... but what abt the feelings and emotions of those who are cheated and deceived in lives despite having no fault of theirs-we might say
'a flower is a joy" and its life is worth but do we know "a flower faints as it senses any movement near it?"Actually it is our hypothesis that it enjoys its life but has anyone talked to that flower,what it feels to be crushed,destroyed and plucked?But THANKS for going thru.:)

impuregod said...

well... the poem is full of optimism... nice one.... keep bloggin

shivani said...

Ok sry for not getting that aspect earlier and thanks for making me go deep on that.Have linked you in my blog 'Our very own Kalpavriksha the Paarijaat'.And because you reminded me have also said it.i hope u don't mind my linking you without informing you...and i loved the moderations in yours...colours that soothe and hey the colour lavender and the scent is my should know if u must...

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Expressive and succint. Lovely! Thank you for visiting my blog.

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