Sunday, May 23, 2010

When Someone Laughs......

A Short Note
This video shows the INTERNAL TURMOIL of a person..... 
She might be in great distress but the world always treats her as "Eye Candy"

"Kitne hee yugon se
Sagar kee lehron ko sahtee
Tat kee pashaan banee main"......

The above lines in hindi says "from ages she is waiting for happiness to come to her...She is like that rock near the ocean which though abraded is braving its strong waves but still is unperturbed and undaunted......Courageously She is Facing Life...........

1 comment:

shivani said...

yeah this is the tragedy and it feels worse in our own country...reeking of the worst hypocricy...jahan Naari ki pooja hoti hai...At least everywhere else no such claims r made.Sigh

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