Friday, August 30, 2013

What do you know about me?

Hey All

Hope you all are doing very well in your lives. I am also doing quite well with my books appealing the public, appeasing and quenching  their thirst of Reading books of Indian authors who write in English.

On 28th of this month I visited the Delhi Book Fair and was at the Pigeon Books Stalls at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi for about two and a half hours. My new book The Untold Story of Arundhati and The Black Emperor ( to see its official introduction in the Market. My publisher Mr Kaushal Goyal, though in bed ( he has met with a road accident) had arranged everything beautifully. Posters were made for the book and people were there to see that I was comfortable.

My daughter Ayushree was my official photographer and must say she did an excellent job by catching moments of my discussion with the intelligent and keen crowd which had thronged!

The best moment of my life there, you can say, which was precious than all the money I have earned till now was when one very simple and sweet looking nurse Jessie, originally belonging to Kerala but working in one of the hospitals in Delhi came to me and told that she had come to the Book Fair especially to meet me!

 Her friends had asked her to buy and read books like one of my earlier fictions 'The Fallen Love '
Critics are you listening? Those who had just reviewed The Fallen Love as an old story put in a new bottle.

Yes, fiction is a dramatization of incidents and events- that is why it is called fiction! What the critics failed to see- back there in Kerala, the devoted nurse community could clearly see..

The critics failed to see what the nurses could see. The nurse community identified themselves with few chapters of this book.

 After she had  gone, I realized, I had very naturally and deftly etched out the lives of nurses, their hard work, their tough lives, their personal losses and their connectivity with their patients! The pain of Sister Sophie and her fifteen years' old daughter who died on the road in front of the heartless public as she met with an accident when chased by a group of hooligans was not felt by these critics who thought my book was just an over exaggeration of sex and some happening in our society! Why if someone has the courage to define everything in an open way- why do you resist ? Why do you want to hide away from some real but crude truths of life? I feel the pain of all and depict it in an open manner... and I DO NOT CARE :)

But thanks Harshita Sonia  Dr Tanvee and Dr Ashok Ghosh Sir for praising me and realizing that the story is very true to life!

Oh now must talk about another great fan of mine who hailed from U.P. but is settled in Delhi- Mrs Indu Mishra. A true fan in all sense! Bubbly, beautiful and chirpy!

 She had already bought Love's Journey  from Pustak Mahal Stalls and was standing at the Pigeon Books',  asking for all my books! It was real delight to see such ferocious readers of my books so close to me!

I have more to write but have my class right now- Will meet soon!

See you

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